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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture Assam Khadi & Village Industries Board (AKVIB)

Functions and Objectives

Some of the major functions of AKVIB are:-
• The AKVIB is charged with the planning, promotion, organisation and implementation of programs for the development of Khadi and other village industries in the rural areas through its different District and field offices
• The AKVIB has a wider network throughout the State to carry on its Khadi & Village Industries activities. The Board is implementing Khadi & Village Industries porgrammes in decentralized manner through its District Offices with a view to expand Khadi & Village Industries activities in the State including rural and remote places both in Plains and Hills.
• The AKVIB is a promotional organization and the Khadi & Village Industries Schemes are being implemented in the State by the Board with a view to generate rural employment and upliftment of rural economy by setting up various KVI units/projects with the financial support received from the Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC). In case of commercial activities of the Board, it is mentioned here that there is no elements of commercial profit in functioning/objectives of the Assam Khadi & Village Industries Boars as per norms and terms & conditions of KVIC.
• Further, the AKVIB is entrusted with the task of providing financial assistance to institutions and individuals for development and operation of Khadi and village industries and guiding them through proper training.
The broad objectives that the AKVIB has set before it are...
• The social objective of providing employment.
• The economic objective of producing saleable articles.
• The wider objective of creating self-reliance amongst the poor and building up of a strong rural community spirit.